6 Common Reasons You’re Getting Poor Results with the Pure Water System

We’ve previously covered how the water fed pole system works and why you should use it, and it’s generally been accepted by most window cleaners as the industry standard. However, many window cleaners have reported and continue to report that the system doesn’t quite perform as they expected – either consistently or inconsistently leaving spotting,…

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6 Ways You Can Successfully Make the Change to the Water Fed Pole System

For many traditional window cleaners, the prospect of making the change to the water fed pole system is probably a daunting one. Your customers have been used to and may even have a preference for traditional window cleaning methods, and have likely been happy with your work for a long time. Yet, you’re also aware…

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Static vs. Mobile Pure Water Systems

Whether you’re setting up a new window cleaning business, moving over to pure water window cleaning or upgrading your current pure water equipment – you’ll be faced with a decision over the kind of setup you go for. One of the key decisions is whether to go for a static or mobile pure water setup….

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The Different Types of Water Fed Pole Explained

The different kinds of water fed pole available on the market can be baffling, particularly if you are new to using the pure water system. In this post, we aim to help explain the different types of water fed pole and help you to identify which might be best suited to the needs of your…

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Window Cleaning Tips: How to Use the Water Fed Pole System

It’s common for potential customers to claim the water fed pole system hasn’t worked for them in the past, often leading them to believe that the method just doesn’t work. Often though, they forget that like any tool, a water fed pole has to be used properly to get the right results. In this window…

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5 Products Every Window Cleaner Should Have

A big part of what we do at CleanerPlanner is about making running a window cleaning business easier and more profitable. We decided to take a look at 5 pieces of window cleaning equipment that have been designed to tackle common problems window cleaners face and make the job easier. Waterworks Powered Hose Reel One…

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How Does the Water Fed Pole System Work and Why Use It?

In days gone by, a set of ladders were the stereotypical, standard-issue tool of the trade for every window cleaner. Nowadays though, you’re much more likely to see a window cleaner carrying out his work from the safety of the ground, using a telescopic water fed pole. So how does the water fed pole system…

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