5 Products Every Window Cleaner Should Have

A big part of what we do at CleanerPlanner is about making running a window cleaning business easier and more profitable. We decided to take a look at 5 pieces of window cleaning equipment that have been designed to tackle common problems window cleaners face and make the job easier.

Waterworks Powered Hose Reel


The Waterworks PowerUp-HD Reel

One of the unavoidable chores that all pure water window cleaners face is the task of reeling in hose. When you consider it’s a task that often has to be done dozens of times a day, the time and effort involved each time soon adds up. The Waterworks PowerUp-HD completely eliminates that problem. As the only powered hose reel on the market that has been  designed specifically for window cleaners, the PowerUp-HD connects to your existing system or vehicle battery and can reel in 100 metres of hose in 30 seconds. It’s high speed, low torque design means it uses less than 50% power than other powered reels on the market. Not only is it effortless, it also has the potential to offer sizeable daily time-savings for most window cleaners. The PowerUp HD is substantially cheaper than other powered reels on the market (that have not been designed with window cleaners in mind) coming in at £349+VAT. Those on an even tighter budget can purchase the PowerUp! Reel Winder Add-on, which simply fits to your existing hose reel and is available for £199.00+VAT. Both products are available at Window Cleaning Warehouse here.

Gardiner Radio Controlled Ultimate Pump Controller

Another common problem most pure water window cleaners face is the need to regularly adjust and stop the flow of pure water, particularly when carrying out residential work. If you’re using a standard pump controller, that means a trudge back to the van everytime you face a particularly dirty window or chatty customer, wasting time and water. The Liquid Logik Ultimate Pump Controller has a 3 function remote control that allows you to remotely stop, boost or reduce flow at the click of a button from where you’re working, immediately solving that problem. The remote has a 100m range which is adequate for most situations. The Ultimate controller is available from Gardiner Pole Systems here for £159+VAT.


The Gardiner LIQUID LOGIC™ 3 Button Radio Control Ultimate Controller

Pure Freedom 25-litre Trolley

An issue water fed pole window cleaners face is the need to be tied to a source of pure water at all times which, where hose access is not possible, can present a problem. Pure Freedom pioneered the first water fed pole trolley to tackle this issue and it remains one of the best on the market. Whilst perfectly capable of acting as a primary water fed pole system for residential window cleaners, the trolley is also a very useful piece of window cleaning equipment to add to a van system. It’s all-in-one design including battery, pump, controller and tank allows for portable water fed pole window cleaning free of trailing hoses. It’s therefore perfect for hard to reach areas like courtyards, rooftops and off-road areas where trailing hoses are not an option. The 25-litre trolley, engineered by Pure Freedom in the UK, starts at £405+VAT and uses the same standard of battery and pump as van-mounted systems, making it a powerful tool capable of performing high-level cleaning in a wide range of situations.


The Pure Freedom 25-litre trolley

CleanerPlanner Window Cleaning Software

wfp-mobileAll window cleaners, whether they use traditional or pure water methods, face the issue of managing large numbers of repeat customers, on differing schedules and often in different areas. CleanerPlanner window cleaning software is designed to help you manage your window cleaning business more efficiently, providing everything you need to manage your business in one place. It intelligently automates your job scheduling, allows you to send branded invoices and quotes directly from the system, track who has paid you and plan your daily and weekly work schedule. It’s accompanying mobile app means you can to carry CleanerPlanner around with you as a piece of window cleaning equipment, allowing you to update your progress, track payments and add new customers on the move. The system also brings your business up to speed with features like bulk SMS and email notifications and integration with GoCardless and Strype online payment platforms, offering the ultimate in convenience for both you and your customers. You can sign up to a one-month free trial here.

Gardiner Backback V3


The Gardiner Backpack V3

The Gardiner Backpack takes portable water fed pole window cleaning to another level. With a capacity of 22.75 litres, and a built in battery, pump and controller, it’s the perfect piece of window cleaning equipment to add to your van. It allows you to easily access really tricky areas where a trolley just won’t do – for example terraced properties with narrow rear access or areas requiring stair access. The Backpack offers up to 9 hours of pumping per charge, meaning it can cope with heavy, daily use. The Gardiner Backback V3, available here, is also excellent value compared to equivalent products, coming in at £85+VAT.  

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