For owner-operators and startups

Perfect when you want the simplicity of working alone

Whether you are an established solo window cleaner or just getting going, CleanerPlanner is an ideal solution for helping you to manage your business more effectively.

The description ‘one man band’ is sometimes used as an insult. But we know there are many positives to this business model. For example, many window cleaners prefer to operate like this because it’s simpler and means more consistent quality. Many customers prefer to deal with a solo operator because they want the personal touch and don’t want the extra costs associated with a bigger company.

CleanerPlanner lets owner-operators and businesses that are just starting up to maximise the use of time. You might well know your round like the ‘back of your hand,’ but using paper diaries, calendars and spreadsheets with manual invoicing, tracking payments, chasing arrears and banking cash all sucks time out of your day.

Even if you have no aspirations to expand your business, by employing others or going into a partnership, CleanerPlanner is simple to use and lets you make the most of your working day so you can get more jobs done and maximise your income.

For larger and growing businesses

Ideal when running a larger operation or aiming to expand

Larger-scale, established businesses, or ambitious solo operators really benefit from CleanerPlanner’s ability to simplify management and back office processes.

Owner-operators and startups with a keen eye on future expansion put in place the perfect system which helps drive growth, when choosing CleanerPlanner.

With CleanerPlanner, all window cleaning businesses enjoy excellent levels of data security and 24/7 access to data, from any internet connected device. When you need to take control of the workflow and divide up jobs or organise your employees or partners, automatic scheduling really makes light work of it all. When you need to get bulk paperwork, invoicing and payment processes done fast, CleanerPlanner does the repetitive tasks for you.

You can track expenses like fuel, communicate with lots of customers in two clicks, work smarter with a mobile app, download raw accountancy data or generate reports to see how well your business is working.

If you are planning for future success by winning commercial contracts, CleanerPlanner helps you project the professionalism that helps you win and unlock the potential of increased profitability that comes from more lucrative deals.

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