Q What is CleanerPlanner?

CleanerPlanner is a cloud-based software package for managing your cleaning business. With revolutionary time-saving features such as SMS, bulk email and GoCardless integration, mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, not to mention a rock-solid job scheduling and accounting system at it’s core, CleanerPlanner will help you organise, streamline and grow your business.

Q Who is CleanerPlanner for?

CleanerPlanner was designed primarily for window cleaners, by window cleaners, however it is well suited to a variety of round-based businesses, from carpet cleaning to garden maintenance.

Q Can you import my data?

Yes – we can import from WCP (Window Cleaner Pro), George, Aworka, Round Partner, Round Tracker Pro, SmartRound, Squeegee, Excel and more. If you don’t already have one, please create a free account with CleanerPlanner and send us your backup file using our support button. To figure out how to retrieve your backup file from these other software please see our helpsite.

Q Can you teach me how to use it?

Yes – we’re working on a comprehensive library of step-by-step tutorials covering every aspect of the system from basic job scheduling and accounting to advanced features such as SMS and GoCardless.

We can also provide you a video walkthrough of the software to show you how to use it with your own data.

Q Can I use it on Mac, iOS or Android?

Yes – CleanerPlanner is web-based so it works perfectly on your Mac and iPad. We also have dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android which work offline while you’re out and about, so there’s no need to worry about 3/4G signal or lack thereof – you don’t even need a data plan!

Q I'm paper-based - can you help?

Yes – it’s both our speciality and a pleasure to help people move from traditional paper methods onto our modern computerised system. Simply email us some details on how you currently work, and we will suggest the ideal strategy for your business and walk you through the steps involved.

Typically it makes sense for us to provide you with an Excel template where you can input all your customers details (you only have to do this once!) which we can then import into CleanerPlanner. Once up and running you will save time by no longer having to schedule jobs and balance the books yourself, and if you’re a multiple operator, keeping track of your vans will be much easier.

Q Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Email our friendly, reponsive support team at support@cleanerplanner.com or call us at our support numbers shown on the site. We’re genuinely fanatical about support and will typically respond within a few minutes during business hours. If you are an existing customer, please use the support button while logged in to contact us so that we can validate that you own the account.

Q How secure is CleanerPlanner?

CleanerPlanner adheres to modern security best practices. Your password is encrypted (even we can’t look it up) as is your connection to our server (look for the SSL padlock in your address bar).

Q How do I know my data is safe?

As per our privacy policy we will never disclose your data to a third party unless required by law.

Q Can I export or backup my data?

Yes – all key tabs in CleanerPlanner such as Customer, Jobs and Transactions have an ‘Export’ button. Simply click the button to download a CSV file which you can save to your computer.

Q Are there any extra costs?

The only extra costs would be for SMS (text) credits and GoCardless payments and depend on your usage levels. SMS is powered by Textlocal – you can purchase bundles of SMS credits from them directly, with bulk discounts available. The starting plan for GoCardless charges 1%+£0.20 up to £4 with no other fees. You can see their latest prices and plans on the GoCardless website.

Q Is there a minimum contract?

No – you are in complete control and can cancel at any time.

Q My question wasn't covered here

We do have a comprehensive help site that has step-by-step help articles and videos covering a lot of questions. You can also contact our friendly support.

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