Static vs. Mobile Pure Water Systems

Whether you’re setting up a new window cleaning business, moving over to pure water window cleaning or upgrading your current pure water equipment – you’ll be faced with a decision over the kind of setup you go for. One of the key decisions is whether to go for a static or mobile pure water setup. We decided to look at the pros and cons of each with the aim of helping you to decide which is best for your business:

Static Pure Water System


A static setup is where your pure water system, or purification equipment, is installed in a fixed location, rather than in a vehicle. Water is purified and stored in this location, then transferred via a pump to your water fed pole system of choice – most commonly a van system, but it could also be a trailer or trolley setup.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a static system:

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After reading that, you might think that going for a static system is a sure bet, but there are other factors that you need to take into consideration:

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If any of the above pros seem like unnecessary benefits for your business, or if any of the cons are likely to be problematic, it might be that a mobile pure water system will be more suitable for you:

Mobile Pure Water System


A mobile pure water system is where all of your purification equipment is installed in your van or trailer. The vehicle is connected directly to a water supply, where it purifies and stores the water on-board.

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A shorter list of Pros you’ll notice, but they could be very key depending on your window cleaning business setup. Onto the cons:

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In Summary

As we’ve seen, both static and mobile pure water systems come with positives and negatives – the importance of which will depend on size of your business and where it is based, the number of staff and vehicles you operate and the type of work you carry out.

To summarise, a static system is likely the best option if:

  • You need to maximise the production rate and storage volume of pure water
  • It’s not practical for your vehicle to access a mains water supply for long periods of time
  • You need to serve multiple vehicles

Mobile setups are best where:

  • Secure pure water production / storage space is not available or cost effective
  • A single vehicle is in operation and your daily water requirements are not large
  • Onsite or away-from-base water purification is required
  • You have easy and secure vehicular access to a mains water supply

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