How to Set up a Window Cleaning Business

We recently posted an article about why you should set up a window cleaning business, and those considering doing so might be wondering where to start. Choose your method The first choice you need to make is what window cleaning method you are going to use. Traditional methods require a smaller initial investment, but you…

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How Does the Water Fed Pole System Work and Why Use It?

In days gone by, a set of ladders were the stereotypical, standard-issue tool of the trade for every window cleaner. Nowadays though, you’re much more likely to see a window cleaner carrying out his work from the safety of the ground, using a telescopic water fed pole. So how does the water fed pole system…

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6 Reasons to Set up a Window Cleaning Business

For many, Window Cleaning might not be at the top of the list for those looking to change career. However, we decided to highlight 6 reasons why, actually, a window cleaning business can provide the perfect model for those looking for a flexible and financially rewarding income. Flexibility The expression ‘be your own boss’ is…

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5 Ways to Modernise Your Window Cleaning Business

The aim of any business is to offer a good product or service, and make money doing it, and the same applies to window cleaners. It’s important for any business owner to stay at the forefront of their field, fully aware of what modern developments and technology can offer their business. Many window cleaning businesses…

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