6 Reasons to Set up a Window Cleaning Business

For many, Window Cleaning might not be at the top of the list for those looking to change career. However, we decided to highlight 6 reasons why, actually, a window cleaning business can provide the perfect model for those looking for a flexible and financially rewarding income.


The expression ‘be your own boss’ is a little cliché these days, but that’s exactly what setting up a window cleaning business allows you to do. You can work as much or as little as you require, as and when you require, based on the level of income you need. You decide when your work is carried out, and you manage your own time.


Many people outside the window cleaning industry are surprised at how much it’s possible to earn. Of course, it’s always dependant on how much you work, how efficiently you develop new business and how well you price your work, but again, that is something you are in control of. As an overview, it’s realistic to expect to earn between £30-40 per hour carrying out domestic work, and between £40-60 commercially.


In a world where job security is all but a thing of the past, window cleaning provides a secure living. You might think calling any business ‘recession proof’ is a stretch, but window cleaning businesses have typically survived economic downturn remarkably well. Why? It’s all down to the business model. Window cleaning businesses, particularly those that focus on domestic work, have a high volume of recurring, relatively low spend customers. Customers don’t invest a huge amount of money in your services, making it less likely they will stop using you. Even if some do, the risk is spread across your customer base meaning it’s highly unlikely they do so in enough volume to have a serious impact on your income, giving you time to generate new business.

Easy, quick growth

It can be surprisingly easy to grow a window cleaning business and, if you’re willing put the time into sales, your round will grow rapidly. As we highlighted above, the window cleaning model is based on recurring business – so, generally you only need to win a customer’s business once and they become an ongoing, rather than one-off, source of income. As a window cleaning business, particularly in the domestic market, you’re not asking for them to part with lots of money – so it’s a small commitment and an easy sell. To give you an example, gaining just 5 new monthly customers at only £10 a clean, equates to annual earnings of £600.

Modern equipment

Once upon a time, window cleaning was one of the most dangerous professions. Modern technology however, has meant that window cleaning doesn’t have to involve hanging onto the top of a 4-story ladder in high winds. The water-fed pole system, now staple equipment for most window cleaners, allows users to clean windows at heights of up to 70-feet, from the safety of the ground.

Computer software for managing window cleaning businesses has also come on in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. Most window cleaning businesses have anywhere between a couple of hundred customers to several thousand, which presents a challenge when it comes to managing them. A modern round scheduling system such as CleanerPlanner can automatically schedule your work, track debts, report on your revenues, send text notifications and even take direct debit payments.

Additional revenue generating opportunities

The beauty of modern water fed pole technology is that you are not just limited to cleaning windows. The system can be used to clean anything from conservatory roofs and solar panels to fascias/soffits and commercial signage. As a result, every single window cleaning customer you take on has the potential to provide additional cash generating opportunities, either on a recurring or one-off basis.

In summary, a window cleaning business offers a lucrative, flexible and expandable means of making a living that will remain firmly in your control.

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