The Pros and Cons of Commercial Window Cleaning Work


A large number of window cleaning businesses start out with residential work. However, as a window cleaning company grows, commercial business becomes more accessible and a viable source of revenue. If you own a window cleaning business, you might ask how much commercial work you should take on as part of your ongoing expansion. When […]

New Feature: Alternating Prices


We’re pleased to announce the introduction of a new feature – alternating prices. We’ve implemented this feature based on your suggestions and feedback. When adding a new job or editing an existing one, you can now specify an “Alternate Price”. This price will apply for every other scheduled clean, making it an ideal feature for […]

5 Reasons to Maintain Your Traditional Window Cleaning Skills


In recent times, the water fed pole system has become the staple method for more and more window cleaners. Many made the move over to pure water window cleaning from traditional window cleaning methods years ago. Still, others have started their careers on the water fed pole system. We take a look at 5 reasons […]

8 Reasons to Stop Using Excel to Manage Your Window Cleaning Round


In the days before dedicated window cleaning software existed, Excel was a viable alternative to paper-based methods of managing your window cleaning round. Surprisingly though, a large number of window cleaners still use Excel to manage their window cleaning round today. Excel just wasn’t designed to provide everything a window cleaner needs to manage a […]

4 Machines That will Boost Your Revenue and Expand Your Services


With the advent of the water fed pole system, it’s now common for window cleaners to offer more than just window cleaning services. Being able to offer additional services like conservatory roof and solar panel cleaning allows you to diversify your business and expand your earning potential. The water fed pole system can’t do everything […]

7 Reasons to Manage Your Wheelie Bin Cleaning Business with Cleaner Planner


Whilst you might associate Cleaner Planner with window cleaners, it can do everything you need to run a wheelie bin cleaning business. We take a look at 7 reasons you should use Cleaner Planner as your wheelie bin cleaning software, to not only efficiently manage your business, but also save you time, grow and offer […]