7 Reasons to Manage Your Carpet Cleaning Business with CleanerPlanner

Whilst you might associate CleanerPlanner with window cleaners, it can do everything you need to run a carpet cleaning business. We take a look at 7 reasons you should use CleanerPlanner as your carpet cleaning software, to not only efficiently manage your business, but also save you time, grow and offer a better service to your…

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7 CleanerPlanner Features That Make Your Business Look More Professional

CleanerPlanner window cleaning software has been designed to make the various processes behind running a window cleaning business easier and quicker. Some features however, not only do that, but also present your business in more professional light, therefore giving your customers the impression that you are running a modern, competent, trustworthy business. We take a…

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Window Cleaning Tips: How to Use the Water Fed Pole System

It’s common for potential customers to claim the water fed pole system hasn’t worked for them in the past, often leading them to believe that the method just doesn’t work. Often though, they forget that like any tool, a water fed pole has to be used properly to get the right results. In this window…

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How to Increase Your Prices Without Losing Customers

As business costs continue to rise, price increases are an essential part of running a successful, long term window cleaning business. Perhaps though, you fall into the category of window cleaners that have had many of their customers on the same prices for years. Maybe you’re concerned that introducing a price increase will trigger a…

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6 Ways to Make More Money From Your Round Without Gaining Customers

It goes without saying that the quickest way to increase the revenue generated by your window cleaning round is to gain new customers – but it’s not the only way. Whether you’ve already reached the maximum number of customers you can service or simply don’t want any more customers to manage, it is possible to…

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5 Products Every Window Cleaner Should Have

A big part of what we do at CleanerPlanner is about making running a window cleaning business easier and more profitable. We decided to take a look at 5 pieces of window cleaning equipment that have been designed to tackle common problems window cleaners face and make the job easier. Waterworks Powered Hose Reel One…

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7 Steps to Reduce the Risk of Buying a Window Cleaning Round

As we highlighted in our article about choosing a window cleaning round, buying a round can be a sensible option if you’re looking to set up or grow a window cleaning business rapidly. However, like any investment, there are inevitable risks involved. What if the round doesn’t generate the level of income the seller says…

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How to Buy the Right Window Cleaning Round

Whether you’re looking to set up a new window cleaning business or expand your existing operation, buying a window cleaning round can be a sensible option. It allows you to grow or set up your business more rapidly that you could canvassing, and provides an almost immediate boost to your revenues. However, it’s important to…

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How to Set up a Window Cleaning Business

We recently posted an article about why you should set up a window cleaning business, and those considering doing so might be wondering where to start. Choose your method The first choice you need to make is what window cleaning method you are going to use. Traditional methods require a smaller initial investment, but you…

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How Does the Water Fed Pole System Work and Why Use It?

In days gone by, a set of ladders were the stereotypical, standard-issue tool of the trade for every window cleaner. Nowadays though, you’re much more likely to see a window cleaner carrying out his work from the safety of the ground, using a telescopic water fed pole. So how does the water fed pole system…

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