7 CleanerPlanner Features That Make Your Business Look More Professional

CleanerPlanner window cleaning software has been designed to make the various processes behind running a window cleaning business easier and quicker. Some features however, not only do that, but also present your business in more professional light, therefore giving your customers the impression that you are running a modern, competent, trustworthy business. We take a look at 7 of those features:

Invoices and quotes

As one of the first things a new customer will see, it’s really important that quotes and invoices look good and provide an excellent impression of your business. CleanerPlanner allows you to easily generate bespoke invoices and quotes, personalised with your company logo. The professional-looking invoices can be emailed straight from the system as a PDF attachment, or printed.

Printed work slips

The days of posting handwritten notes through a customer’s door should be over. The software allows you to generate and print work slips – again branded and personalised to each individual job. Each slip can include key information like the date completed, your payment methods and details, contact information and much more.

Bulk text and email notifications

CleanerPlanner integrates with Textlocal which enables you to send bulk text notifications to your customers and provide them with key information like when you are planning on doing the job. Not only does this save a huge amount of time, but it also presents a professional image of your company. Your customers are kept in the loop at all times, and you are able to set the text message ‘sender’ as your company name, rather than your mobile number.

In addition, you can email your customers directly from the system, again not just saving you time but giving you every opportunity to provide the best standards of communication with your customers.

GoCardless / Stripe

These days, cash and cheques are becoming the least common payment method used by consumers, with virtually all modern businesses offering alternatives. With CleanerPlanner, you can bring your window cleaning business up to speed with GoCardless, which integrates seamlessly into the platform. GoCardless allows you to take Direct Debit payments direct to your bank account each time you complete a customer’s job. Not only does this put you in far better control of your payments, but it’s also immensely convenient for your customers – they don’t have to worry about having the right cash, posting a cheque or even logging into their bank account. You also have the ability to take card payments from your customers through CleanerPlanner using Stripe, further enhancing your company’s image as a modern, legitimate business offering the most convenient payment methods possible.

Statement of accounts

CleanerPlanner keeps a full record of each customer’s clean and transaction history, meaning that within minutes, you can produce a full statement of accounts for the duration of that customers lifespan, including what they were charged and when each clean was carried out. This feature is particularly useful for commercial clients or where work you have carried out is disputed. It proves that, as a window cleaning business, you keep thorough records that can be easily obtained – something that would be much more difficult using a paper-based system.

Mobile App

CleanerPlanner has an accompanying mobile app available for both Apple and Android devices. The app gives you and your employees everything you need to complete your work each day, allowing you to record your progress on the move, as well as add new customers and jobs. As a result, you can work exclusively from an electronic device – a far more professional-looking alternative to working from printed sheets, scraps of paper or notepads.

Bulk emails with MailChimp

CleanerPlanner’s integration with MailChimp allows you send branded emails individually to each of your customers, in bulk. The feature can be used to inform your customers of new services that you offer and changes in your business amongst many other examples. As a result, you are able to quickly maintain excellent communication with your customers as well as boost potential business with a professional looking and personalised email.

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