Window cleaning software: Desktop vs Cloud

Desktop software puts you in control… or does it?

When making the choice of the right software for running your window cleaning business one of the main options is to choose between local applications which you install onto your desktop PC, Mac or laptop or an online solution that runs in the cloud.

Historically, one of the reasons why desktop software has proved popular for smaller businesses is because it makes you feel that you are in control. You have all your data, it’s all on your computer and your destiny is in your hands… well, maybe, but, control can be over-rated.

Microsoft Excel and similar spreadsheet programs are popular among people running businesses because they allow the organisation of different information types (names, addresses, etc.) and can perform financial calculations. They’re great for storing simple lists of data and doing sums, but they’re not so good at, for example, maintaining individual clean and payment histories for 1,000’s of customers.

A database expands upon the spreadsheet idea. Some may have built them or bribed their live-in teenage tech whiz out of their room to leave gaming aside for a whole five minutes and put something together to help manage customers and jobs! Maybe this works out, for a while, but what about when you need new features and support and the ‘developer’ has lost interest?

Then there’s the problem of invoicing. If you want to look professional, it’s likely you’ll have to manually create each invoice in something like Microsoft Word and then print and manually email each one. You can of course avoid this if you don’t mind looking a little less polished by using good old fashioned duplicate books to hand write bills, but that’s a bit… 1970!

The simple fact is, rolling your own solutions to these age-old problems takes time, and involves a lot of ‘donkey work’. Why reinvent the wheel and make life difficult for yourself?

Another issue with software installed on a desktop or laptop computer is that frequently, your business information is all locked up on that machine. If you are out and about and take it with you, there’s always the risk of damage, loss or theft, so you need to have a daily backup and the ability to get a replacement computer with all the software and the backup loaded PDQ.

Add in the potential for viruses and the computer with desktop software is a single point of failure with the potential to create an enormous amount of stress.

Now, look what ‘The Cloud’ gives you…

A cloud application created specifically for the window cleaning trade offers significant advantages over the approach of using software installed on a single computer. Some really good features of cloud software designed for the trade might include:

  • Dedicated functionality especially for window cleaning businesses and other similar ‘repeat work’ type services businesses
  • Data in one place – customer info, jobs, rounds, invoices, account balances
  • Access through an internet browser – access to all info and functionality through Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc.
  • Access from any device with a suitable internet connection and browser, anytime and anywhere, from PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • No need to worry about computer problems preventing you from running your business – just jump onto another device
  • Data backed up at source by the software application provider and secured against hacking – so no need to worry about daily backups, or getting another computer loaded up urgently
  • Tuition and support for advice on how to best use the software and assistance when you need help if you’re stuck
  • Mobile app that makes it easy to organise jobs, set up rounds and optimise the order in which a round is done
  • Communication, invoicing and payment automation which saves time, takes payments on agreed dates and ensures 100% accuracy around financials

CleanerPlanner does all this and more!

CleanerPlanner has been designed and built from the ground up with the window cleaning trade in mind. We developed it for a window cleaning business, and then by interacting with other people in the trade

Through listening to hundreds of pieces of feedback from thousands of cleaners using it to manage millions of jobs, we have refined into the finely-honed tool you see today!

We really advise you take the free trial to see for yourself what it can do for your window cleaning business. After you see what it does, we’re sure you’ll realise it’s worth every penny because of the time it saves.

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