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Choosing the right tool for the job

For practical trades, selecting the right tool for the job makes for an interesting discussion. Suppose you wandered down to the trade counter of one of the big national tool and materials suppliers to buy a cordless power drill – you’d be spoilt for choice.

The decision is governed by a few key factors:

  • Brand – The manufacturer’s reputation and the support/warranty
  • Features and performance – Is it fit for purpose for the jobs you want to tackle?
  • Recommendation – Is there positive feedback from other tradespeople?
  • Price – Does the kit provide value for money for the professional?

Decisions, decisions…

Some will be conscious of the price and the decision will be carefully considered. They’ll want to maximise value without paying for unnecessary features that aren’t appropriate for the type of work being done.

However, for many professionals, uncompromising performance backed by the best warranty Ts & Cs is often the deciding factor. Where time is money, selecting the highest performing tool, backed by the best guarantees, often makes the choice an open and shut case. Tools that don’t perform or that let you down simply won’t do because it’s all about livelihood.

For the window cleaning trade and its specialised kit, it’s much the same. Choosing a water fed pole might be determined by the height you want to reach or whether it’s suited to residential or more demanding commercial jobs, but you’ll probably want the best. And when it comes to major investment such as the choice of vehicle mounted water system, compromise just won’t do, because the kit is that much more critical to the job.

All things considered, when it comes to the trade, time is money. Speed, efficiency and reliability are really the key underlying considerations.

Choosing the best software tool for running your business

If you think about selecting the right CleanerPlanner plan for running your window cleaning business, the same principle applies. CleanerPlanner Pro integrates important additional features that accelerate the administration and management of jobs and the rounds of your operatives, as well as sending messages to and collecting payments from your customers.

GoCardless Direct Debit

CleanerPlanner Pro is our most popular plan, and for good reason. It provides GoCardless Direct Debit integration, an updated form of Direct Debit for taking payments, either as variable amounts or as fixed and regularly recurring charges.

GoCardless overcomes the drawbacks of cash and cheques and it works perfectly for the window cleaning trade, where you have ongoing relationships with customers and wish to take payments on account.

Textlocal SMS

CleanerPlanner Pro also integrates Textlocal SMS messaging. Sending a global message communicating with all the customers on an entire round to remind them a clean is due can be achieved in two clicks.

And for those slippery customers that you can’t persuade to move over to GoCardless Direct Debit? Well, you can also use SMS messaging to update with other information such as account balances or payment reminders!

Go Pro and get the best tool for the job with CleanerPlanner

Of course, Cleaner Planner Pro costs a little more than our Starter plan. However, quite simply, for any busy window cleaning business, the time saved means it pays for itself.

Click here to see the pricing for yourself and the value for money it provides and then sign up for the free trial. We think going Pro is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for streamlining the way your window cleaning business works.

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