5 Simple Ways You Can Grow Your Window Cleaning Business With Mailchimp

Email marketing works. There are 3 times more email accounts than there are Twitter and Facebook accounts combined. 92% of online adults use email, and one recent study indicated that email marketing is the 2nd most used marketing tool (after websites) that businesses use.

That’s why CleanerPlanner is integrated with Mailchimp, a leading online email marketing service. We recently covered what Mailchimp is and how it integrates with CleanerPlanner. In this article, we’ll look at five ways you can use Mailchimp integration and email marketing to grow your window cleaning business and boost revenue.

Promote additional services to existing customers

One of the best ways to boost revenue in your window cleaning business is by providing additional, complimentary services to your existing window cleaning customers. Examples of these services include pressure / soft washing, gutter cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning and so on. If you don’t offer additional services, we wrote a post covering why you should here.

Email marketing is a quick and easy way of  informing your entire customer base of what services you offer, gives them a clear and easy way to contact you for a quote or to arrange to have work carried out and doesn’t rely on the customer being in when you carry out your ordinary window cleaning service.

You can make your offers targeted and seasonal, for example by promoting gutter cleaning services in Spring.

Convert cancelled customers

Often, it’s easy to assume that a cancelled customer is a customer lost for good. However, periodically emailing your cancelled customers is a great way to remind them that you’re still there and continues to give them an opening to contact you, instead of someone else, should their circumstances change. It won’t always work, but you might be surprised by how many customers you can win back. Don’t forget, if you offer extra services besides window cleaning, just because a customer has cancelled their regular window cleaning services, doesn’t mean they won’t need other, less regular services now or in the future.

Convert leads

Ever carried a quote out for someone but didn’t hear back? Had an enquiry through on your website that didn’t turn into a customer? Email marketing can be a good way to continue to nurture seemingly dead-end leads. Rather than forget about them, emailing them keeps them in the loop, reminds them where you are and makes it easy for them to get in touch if their need ever arises again, or if another window cleaning business they chose lets them down!

Promote special offers

Email marketing acts as the perfect platform to promote special offers, whether it’s a “deal” on a particular service that you offer, or a “referral” program designed to gain you new customers. The Social Habit reported that 70% of email readers open emails from a company in search of a deal, discount, or coupon. Clearly, while special offers are not something you might associate with window cleaning, running them can be a great way of engaging customers and selling additional services to them.

Convert customers to better payment methods

Another of our Pro Plan features is GoCardless integration which allows you to take direct debit payments from your CleanerPlanner account. In short, the feature puts you in control of when you get paid, rather than waiting for payment, saves on admin time and reduces your debt list (find out more). Of course, customers need to sign up to pay you via GoCardless, and email marketing can be a great way of making this happen. You can clearly explain the benefits to them en masse, reassure them on any security concerns they might have and then direct them straight to the sign up link.


If you’d like to give the above techniques a try in your window cleaning business, you can trial CleanerPlanner (with Mailchimp integration) free for 30 days here, with no credit card details required or obligation to sign up.

If you’re an existing customer on our Pro Plan – take a look at a step-by-step guide on setting Mailchimp integration up on your account here. If you’re an existing customer on our Starter plan, contact us to discuss upgrading your account and the other features you get access to on Pro.

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