Cleaner Planner is a huge leap forward. Although I will admit that I worried about it for weeks and slowly decided to go for it and I am so glad I did. It is the difference between pen and paper and a computer, between walking and driving etc. It was one of the best things I have done for my business in recent years. It enables me to run my business in an effective, time-efficient and dynamic way. Rob the programmer is also fantastic and is always onhand for support and he listens to your ideas and implements them. Try it out, you won't look back.

Matt Hagger - Pure Window Cleaning

Cleaner Planner is dead easy to use and packed with useful features such as email invoicing, bulk SMS, mobile app, and more than I can think of right now. Safe to say there have been a few moments where I've thought "this feature would be handy" and CP already does it. It allows multiple users and can be used on any device with internet access, something WCP (Window Cleaner Pro) couldn't do. Before I go on holiday, it would take me days of scheduling work, printing sheets etc with WCP, with Cleaner Planner it's minutes, I allocate the worksheet to the operative and they can access it on the mobile app. Saves paper, time and stress. Thoroughly recommend it.

Simon Dodson - Concept Window Cleaning

Cleaner Planner is a fab bit of software designed by window cleaners for window cleaners and is constantly being tweaked and improved. Rob makes changes quickly and another great thing, in addition to GoCardless (direct debit) integration, bulk email and everything else, you can export your entire database to Excel and Dropbox at the touch of a button! He's also put in a flat rate VAT option for those windows cleaners on this VAT method so your accounts are accurate too.

Carrie Hobbs - Odd Bods Cleaning

Management software is the heart of my business. When my old software became outdated and unable to cope with how we work these days I needed to find something which I could cross over to easily and give me the improvements I was looking for. I had searched for ages without luck, but then Cleaner Planner was launched. I would say without doubt Cleaner Planner is the best addition to my business in years. It has saved me literally hours each week. And the best thing is, it just keeps getting better.

Neil Gornall - Purer Clean

I was a die hard Window Cleaner Pro (WCP) fan, took me a lot to move over but Cleaner Planner has catered for my every need. Email invoicing - wow what a time saver! Before I used to make the invoice in PDF format, save it, open up Outlook, find email address etc. Now it's just a click of a button. For me one of the biggest sellers was the mobile app, works perfectly, syncs over wifi or 3G. Superb. No more headaches at night. And now completely paperless. Worth it, go for it!

Matt Saxon - Ladderless Window Cleaning

Cleaner Planner has surpassed all my expectations. It's a slick, polished system that puts your business at your fingertips wherever you are. The mobile app syncs to your phone or tablet and crucially doesn't need signal to run. Rob has been very helpful and has always answered my questions within a couple of hours. Chasing debts is now a lot easier with SMS, email and GoCardless integration. Speaking from 40 years and 4 generations of combined industry experience I truly believe Cleaner Planner to be not only head and shoulders above the competition but most definitely the future of cleaning business planning and accounting software. In my view if you want to move forward go cloud based and make the switch to CP - you won't look back.

Richard Lingard - CrystalView Window Cleaning

I've been using George for about ten years and could initially see no reason to pay £180 a year to do the same as George but with different software. I gave Cleaner Planner a go because of the free trial and was so impressed I will no longer be using George from the end of this month. I had a lot of reservations but Rob answered all of my questions and put my mind at rest. Cleaner planner exceeds my current needs and will meet all my future needs. I'm surprised that I've signed up as I'm a typically tight window cleaner but it's so good I can easily justify spending the money.

Philip Thomas - Philip Thomas Window Cleaning

Cleaner Planner is awesome and evolving all the time. I like that it changes as you want it to. The SMS facility is a Godsend as is the email. Would not be without it.

Tony Girdlestone - Clear Vision

Cleaner Planner has made our business run much smoother. As it has been built directly for window cleaners, all the features are useful and well implemented. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to simplify their workload.

Jonathan Walker - Cleartech

I am really impressed with your software, the more I explore the more I find and the most important thing to me is you're easy to get hold of and keen to get it working best for us window cleaners.

Trevor Jones - TJ Window Cleaning

After only really using 7 days of the 30 days free trial I know that Cleaner Planner is what me and my business needs as it grows. I am really enjoying using it and putting my round in order and not duplicating information constantly like I was doing with my original system.

Marc McCahill - Aqua-Tec Window Cleaning

Cleaner planner is the best program on the market and saves loads of time every week, with function like sms text messaging debt list and more.

Paul Iveson - Erith Window Cleaning

As a commercially focused operator the ability to email professional PDF invoices directly from the software is a Godsend! No more having to jump between several programs - just two clicks and it's done!

Ray Clark - Top Clean

Cleaner planner – the best in it’s class with support second to none. Multiple features save you time and money running your business. Mobile worksheets just couple of clicks away. Can't imagine using any other software! Highly recommended.

Martin Wiosna - Sparking View

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