5 Simple Ways You Can Grow Your Window Cleaning Business With Mailchimp


Email marketing works. There are 3 times more email accounts than there are Twitter and Facebook accounts combined. 92% of online adults use email, and one recent study indicated that email marketing is the 2nd most used marketing tool (after websites) that businesses use. That’s why Cleaner Planner is integrated with Mailchimp, a leading online […]

Q&A: What Is Mailchimp and How Does It Integrate with Cleaner Planner?


Here at Cleaner Planner, a key feature on our Pro Plan is Mailchimp integration. Whether you’re one of our customers or not, you might be left wondering what Mailchimp is, what it’s got to do with window cleaning and Cleaner Planner, and how it can benefit you. The following article aims to answer those questions […]

4 Things to Consider Before Using Social Media for Your Window Cleaning Business


If you’ve been thinking about using social media to promote your window cleaning business, there’s several things to consider before you start. For window cleaners one of the most powerful marketing tools is word of mouth, and in some cases, social media incorporates all the benefits of this, but on a larger scale. It can […]